About Gary Saitowitz

Gary has been involved in the financial services industry for the past 17 years. He first began his career as a broker in South Africa where he owned Paragon Brokers. He was able to turn his firm into such a success that he sold it to a firm who used it to go public. Gary to later move to the United States where he became a recruiter for a major financial services company growing their force of advisors substantially. After being involved in the success of that financial services firm, he decided to return to his roots as an advisor allowing him more direct contact with individual clients to help them achieve their personal retirement goals.

Gary has seen the negative impact on families that the lack of financial planning can have and is dedicated to helping families better manage this process. Gary is able to provide expert guidance and assistance to families who are trying to navigate through the maze of financial planning and retirement. This strong desire to help families with financial wealth aligns itself with Gary’s passion for educating people on various financial strategies that will aid them in achievement of their financial goals.

Gary has lived in Atlanta for nearly 10 years with his wife Vanda and their four children Zacharry , Mila, Rafael and Avana.